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Watch Video: How an Automatic ChangeOver or ATS Controls Your Gen and Transfers Your Load Automatically

Electrokristron Automatic Changeover
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The function of an Automatic ChangeOver Switch (ACS) or Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) unit is to automatically switch your household Load or office equipment from the Public Utility Power Supply (Mains), over to an Electrical Generator, Inverter or any other available Auxiliary Power Supply at periods of a power outage.

The included video shows details and demonstrations about:
1. How Electrokristron Automatic ChangeOver Switch (ACS) or Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) operates (full demonstration).
2. Discover what happens when Mains Power fails, how your ACS/ATS starts your Generator and also transfers your Load to the running Generator automatically
3. Explanation and analysis on the different types of Electrical Generator Ignition Systems
4. Full listing of categories of Generators that the ACS/ATS shown can START and STOP automatically
5. How a Generator can be connected to the ACS/ATS for full Automated Control (and Manual Control too) for AutoStart (when Mains fails) and AutoStop (when Mains is restored).

Discover all you need to know about how an Automatic ChangeOver Switch (ACS) or Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) unit interacts between available Power Sources, Gen Ignition System (Remote Start/Stop functions), and Load Transfer function.

See what happens when Mains Power fails, how your ACS/ATS starts your Generator automatically and also transfers your Load to the running Generator automatically.
It also shows how the ACS/ATS transfers power back from Generator to Public Mains when Mains Power is restored and how your Generator is put on AutoStop (when Mains is restored).

ELECTROKRISTRON AUTOMATIC CHANGEOVER SWITCH (E-ACS or E-ATS) is the way to go for your safe electrical power source interchange and ‘Power blackout management’ options both at domestic and semi-industrial levels.

Order one to replace the manual changeover you currently have or hoping to install. It is safe for your family as it is fully automatic and your wife or children will not have to physically touch or operate a damaged and dangerous manual changeover (that might shock them) anymore.

1. Automatic power transfer from available source to load or building
2. Automatic Gen control (Gen AutoStart and Gen AutoStop) depending on Mains availability or User command.

Electrokristron ATS functions can be increased or enhanced by adding extra User configurable options through our special product builder wizard (EPBWiz) such as:
1. Gen scheduling timers, allowing gen(s) to operate only at specific periods of the day or for rotating 2 or more generators automatically
2. Gen runtime (duration) timers, allowing the gen(s) to run for a certain duration of time, example 4 hours, thereafter shutdown automatically
3. Inverter battery voltage level monitoring, allowing your ATS to automatically start the gen when Inverter battery voltage level drops to a preset threshold, set by you.
4. Inclusion of Manual (Bypass) switches, allowing the bypass of the ATS automatic power transfer function, useful in emergencies
5. Inclusion of various other accessories and functionalities, based on request, tailored to suit your power management needs better.

1. It automatically connects your home/office/factory to your Generator whenever public supply fails
2. It automatically changes from Generator mode to Mains (PHCN/NEPA in Nigeria) mode when public power supply is restored.
3. It automatically STARTS your Generator when public power supply fails (No need to go out in the rain or dead of night to start your Gen).
4. It automatically turns OFF your Generator as soon as Mains is restored (No need to go out late in the middle of the night to turn off your Gen)
5. So much more…

Electrokristron products come with 1 year warranty.
For orders and inquiries:
Call us on +234 901 138 6383, +234 808 471 0033
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.electrokristron.com
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

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