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NaijaInfoGuide.com  – Terms of Service

We do not permit illegal use of this site or any of the facilities offered on this website or any of our associate domains.

Do not post Spam, or promote illegal acts, e.g scams, plagiarism, hacking, public incitement, and the like.
You should not promote shady investments like betting, HYIP, MLM, FOREX, binary options, and cryptocurrencies

Contribute an original article created by you and not copied from other Authors elsewhere.

Please write content that is focused on quality and adding value for readers.
Unmeaningful posts or useless submissions will not be entertained.
Copy/paste articles would not be entertained.
If your article needs refinement, we will get in touch with you to let you know about changes.

Improper writing language, unacceptable usage and improper mannerism may invoke a suspension of your account.

This TOS document is in development and NaijaInfoGuide.com reserves the right to update it at anytime.

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