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The Solution – 9 Sure Steps to Break Free from Sex in Dreams and Sleep Paralysis

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9 Sure Steps To Break Free From Incubus/Succubus Sex-Dream Attacks

For anyone experiencing sexual encounters in their dreams while sleeping or going through terrible times as a result of Incubus/Succubus attacks, the following steps outlined as below are a sure way out, and a quick one too!

An Incubus or Succubus entity may appear to be stubborn, but with persistence in prayers and following the steps outlined below, he or she is sure to leave you and never return to disturb your peace and joy in your relationships, and of course, a happy marriage.

1. To start with, do not sleep naked (uncovered) or in colored clothes anymore. Sew a White night dress and cover yourself with a white wrapper/bed-spread or blanket whenever you go to bed.

2. Any time you make love with your human husband/man, take a shower before going to bed. The scent of semen (SPERM) attracts the Incubus or Succubus – the female demon.

3. Get some Sea water, recite Psalm 24 from the Holy Bible into it. It says, ‘The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof…,’ pray into it asking God who owns the entire earth and everything in it to come into your home to cleanse it and dislodge any evil spirits sharing your home and bed with you.

In the prayer, make sure you renounce your connection with the Incubus family. Declare to the Incubus you don’t want him in your life anymore and that he should allow you to live your natural life.

After the prayer, sprinkle the sea water (now prayer water) all around your home (both within and outside) to cleanse your place of abode spiritually and that shall mark a new beginning for you, devoid of unwanted spiritual interference in your life and relationships.

4. Stop eating groundnut temporarily, especially the one still in the pod, if you are pregnant.

5. Anytime you are pregnant, avoid going to the village (Your hometown) or announcing to everyone you are pregnant. If possible, conceal the news from distant relatives and even close relatives by changing location until you are delivered of the babies.

This is because evil people or enemies can invoke an Incubus against you to attack you while you are asleep and such an attack usually results in miscarriage.

By the way, please note that even if you’ve never had anything to do with an Incubus before, enemies can invoke it against you just because they want to create problems for you in your journey through life. So, pray harder, this is no joke.

6. Get closer to God, serve Him diligently, never leaving His presence for long.
Apart from going to church regularly, set aside a section, no matter how small, in your apartment for focused praying.

A small table (or stool) and a candle-stand is enough (to dedicate and set as an Alter to God).
You need to be able to ‘communicate’ with your creator even in the privacy of your home.

You will be amazed at what you will achieve getting closer to God by observing even as little as 10 minutes meditative quiet times at your praying table once every night before going to bed or early in the morning when you get out of bed, before starting your day.

7. On your praying table, let a white candle be lit after your nightly prayers for God’s Angels of light to guard you through the night against all evil attacks either from satanic humans (who may want to invoke Incubus or other bad spirits against you) or demons ( who choose of their own volition to come after you for their own wicked and selfish interests).

8. Make sure you observe your dreams and ask for their meanings: God will be talking to you in your dreams, take note.
You can contact me with details of your dreams for full analysis and meanings if you don’t understand them (See my contact details in the Author Box below).

9. Ask yourself, ‘Have I ever been told I have a divine calling?’ If your answer to that is yes, then there is work for you to do. You should do plenty of research about your divine purpose and what powers (often called natural/supernatural gifts) God has endowed you with. As a rule, to truly escape the grip of Incubus/Succubus entities, you MUST answer your divine calling, for that is the reason you were created in the first place. You should discover and sincerely LIVE your purpose.


Always remember this: You resonate best at your natural frequency of oscillation because that is where you belong naturally. That position is your Canaan Land, flowing with Milk and Honey. It is where you become most successful, happiest and fulfilled in life. It is likewise where you have the strongest security spiritually against all evil entities and it is also where you are closest to the heart of your Creator, doing His will (His purpose for your life!). Find your frequency, locate the natural you.

Live a life of purpose. Be the best you can be!


Incubus/Succubus matters are not to be taken lightly as simple issues. While all of these might seem too difficult and too hard to take in or understand at once, I recommend a book which I wrote a few years back that thoroughly explains it all as well as shows you the ways out.

Download the book, INCUBUS SUCCUBUS; YOUR SPIRIT SPOUSE & YOU (by Chris Matthew). Read it on your phone, tablet, iPad or computer. Download of the book is instant. Read about the additional steps needed to completely banish these attacks in your life, all in the book.

The Book
‘Incubus Succubus; Your Spirit Spouse & You’ is well detailed and insightful. It is an eBook that  says it all.

INCUBUS SUCCUBUS; YOUR SPIRIT SPOUSE & YOU exposes deep secrets about the origin, causes and repercussions of dream-sex encounters.

It offers the most effective measures against the menace of sex demons and their damaging effect on humans.

This book is a must-read for you if you have ever had a sexual or romantic encounter with a spirit entity in your dreams either in the past or at present.

There are billions of people all over the world suffering greatly in the hands of demons through various degrees of sexual attacks and the associated relationship and family problems.

If you would like to read more about spirit beings and demons that interfere with humans sexual life and marital happiness, read about other people’s real life experiences from around the world through the link below:


This article is an abridged (shorter) version of a longer one. Read the full version here: How to deal with spirit spouses and sex in dreams

Get complete and quick solution to sex in the dream and spirit spouse attacks.

Order and instantly download the solutions eBook here


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Chris Matthew
Minister at  Success Prayer Ministry     Location: Lagos, Nigeria
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Minister at Success Prayer Ministry, Lagos Nigeria
Phone: +234 901 161 7876, [email protected]

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