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The Most Amazing Smartphones

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When it comes to smartphones, Android phones have become very popular with Nigerians.
This is not surprising because anyone familiar with Android devices will quickly notice how user friendly and easily customizable Android smartphones are.

Big screen, touch-pad, sharp and bright rear and front cameras with high megapixel and flash light are some of the qualities that have endeared these smart devices to their users.

Also, long battery life, super fast charging and access to several thousands of paid and free apps available at Google Play store has made the Android operating system and its various types of smart devices truly a modern marvel.

Technologies utilizing the Android instruction set (Operating System, OS) have advanced so much that you can even speak to your SmartTV these days, commanding it through voice recognition and voice control to change channels or to adjust speaker volume.
I am sure you have already heard of autonomous (self-driving) cars currently making waves in the tech world.

This is just the beginning of so many advancements possible with the Android OS and devices that are designed to use it or run on that platform.

Little wonder the logo or symbol for ‘Android’ from the very onset of its introduction has always depicted a small Green Robot.
Yes, a robot. That is what all Android devices are meant to be.

And now, with the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to the Android world along with its various types of smart devices and fields of application, things are about to get a lot more robotic… even humans. Ever heard of Humanoids?
Look up the story of SOPHIA the AI Robot with human intelligence and interestingly, emotions, on the internet.

How about artificial reality or Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), have you heard about these as well?

Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real-world are “augmented” by computer-generated perceptual information often involving visual, haptic (vibrations), auditory (sounds), and several others methods to make the event look ‘real’ to humans.

On its own part, Virtual Reality involves computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that can be interacted with by a user or player in a way that is seems real or physically present, using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a display screen, special VR goggles or gloves fitted with sensors.

While these two technologies (AR and VR) may seem far fetched and strange to a good number of Android smartphone users, you may already be using such technologies on your phone on a daily basis without realizing it.

A good example of such unknown use is with the use of Google Maps or Google Earth apps both of which employ an overlay of user generated location information, remote GPS coordinates, measurements from your phones Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope and GPS sensors and so many other dynamically changing parameters superimposed over ordinary (regular) map images.

This has the result of bringing the passive (paper-like) maps to live and from your Google Maps or Google Earth app interface, you can tell which direction you are facing (North, South West, East), you can tell your distance to where you are going and you can even get complete computer voice aided navigation instructions and arrows towards your desired destination.

There are so many examples of AR and VR apps on our Android smartphones that I can hardly mention them all.
Perhaps, another good example is the popular weather app that shows you moving clouds, shining Sun, moonlighting and showers of rainfall or wind effect depending on the prevailing weather conditions in your area.
Some Android phones can even report humidity levels, atmospheric pressures and room temperature to you, right on the screen without any additional hardware connected to such phones.

Anybody who is familiar with the Android smartphones market would be quick to notice that some phones are so extremely expensive irrespective of their screen size or overall size, while some other larger phones may sell for far cheaper amounts.
Contrary to the perception that most people have about what makes a smartphone expensive being high megapixel size, screen resolution and size, along with high processor speed and high memory (RAM and ROM) capacity; there are certain other things that puts a phone in the high-end class other than those obvious high specifications mentioned.

One of such things is the array of special SENSORS that such a device has.
Let’s face it An Android Smartphone is meant to be a smart device that has the capability to serve certain functions or to make certain decisions on its own and therefore act smartly as a personal digital assistance or personal Robot.
This is why smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei append pet words like ‘i-MATE’, ‘MATE’ and ‘GALAXY’ to model names of some of the devices on their product line.

The Samsung Galaxy S series have something interesting to offer and this is deeper than you might guess.
For starters, the word ‘Galaxy’ appended by Samsung to some of their high-end phones is intended to to suggest to you that these category of phones are no ordinary smartphones but are specially designed to help you study the world and indeed planets and heavenly bodies (I mean that really!) around you.
Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is actually designed to be a mini OBSERVATORY or PLANETARIUM that smartly fits in your pocket.
These category of phones have internal features or sensors that allow them do the crazy and the impossible.
To send their point home, Samsung intentionally used as a power up logo, when you put on the phone, a rotating ellipsoidal ring representing the real elliptical galaxy out there in outer space!

This is done to rouse your curiosity and interest in space research or at least, a yearning to understand your planet better.
Come to thing of it, how many humans living on Earth understand that there is a bigger world out there, that we are not alone?
Do you realize your high-end Android smartphone can point you the precise location of other planets such as MARS in the sky, which you can even see with the naked eyes?

As if that is not enough, they tagged one such Smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S4, ‘LIFE COMPANION’ suggesting that this is no ordinary phone.
By the way, in case you did not know, the ‘S’ in Samsung Galaxy S series stands for ‘Super-Smart’ thereby further affirming that if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S device, you’ve got yourself a Super-Intelligent Personal Robot.

It is obvious also that your Huawei Mate series (Mate 7, 8, 9, 10, etc) is intended by design, build and functions, to be taken as a personal work, research and play mate.
These categories of Smartphones are all plus, no minus (Well, at least to a decent extent until even more advanced technologies arrive).

So then, it becomes obvious that when it comes to purchase price of android smartphones, the super expensive high-end ones are not just about high camera pixel, high memory, large screen size or fast processor speed.
Certainly, there must be more to the hardware and software apps on those phones than we can tell.

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