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Why Relationships Fail – 6 Reasons

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There can be different types of relationships between two or more people. Some common examples include parent-child relationship, employer-staff relationship, pastor-church member relationship, husband-wife relationship and the commonest of all; relationship between lovers. Irrespective of the type of relationship in question mutual understanding, love, care and respect are key ingredients in the smooth running of … Open full story

The Color Of True Friendship

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Friendship is a mutual affair or relationship between people, who are there for one another through the challenges of life. Friendship is a platonic relationship which is rationally centered  and includes genuine concern for one another. Friendship is not in checking on someone only when you are bored, rather it is when you love them … Open full story

6 Zuckerberg ways of spending your valentine

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Valentine, the season of love is here again! Valentine’s day, which comes up on February 14th every year, is a special day of love that should be spent with your spouse and yes, wonderfully too. It is a period we need to shower our loved ones with love and care, embracing memorable moments that will … Open full story

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