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How to Deal with Spirit Spouses and Sex in Dreams

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SWEET SEX IN DREAM, SOUR LIFE IN REALITY There are multitudes of human beings who are afflicted with various degrees of problems in their waking life because they have had a sexual encounter or more in their dream with a spirit spouse. Oftentimes, the people involved in such spiritual sexual encounters and relationships or marriages … Open full story

The Solution – 9 Sure Steps to Break Free from Sex in Dreams and Sleep Paralysis

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THE SOLUTION: 9 Sure Steps To Break Free From Incubus/Succubus Sex-Dream Attacks For anyone experiencing sexual encounters in their dreams while sleeping or going through terrible times as a result of Incubus/Succubus attacks, the following steps outlined as below are a sure way out, and a quick one too! An Incubus or Succubus entity may … Open full story

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