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How to Improve Your CPGA in University

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Many students today are battling with low CPGA in school and do not know what they can do to improve it. Having a low CPGA is not tantamount to having a dull brain but rather could indicate your inability to use your brain the right way. The human brain, as Neuro-Scientists have told us, has the capacity to hold more information than a hundred (100) Super-Computers combined!

The smartest person that ever lived on earth, we were told, only used 17% of his brain during his lifetime. This suggests that your brain can do extremely more than what you can ever imagine in terms of memorizing and recalling. It only depends on how and what you use your brain for especially as a student whose primary objective is to study, understand and relay or apply what has been learnt.

In this article, I will write extensively on how to improve your CPGA in as a student in the university and I will not end it without giving you some tips that will help you to achieve this.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (Simply called CPGA) is the total point a student gets at the end of first and second semester.
Many student who have ambition of graduating with First Class often find themselves struggling in Second Class Lower while some are even dining and winning in Third Class levels. The most frightening part of this is that many of them used to be the best students in their secondary school days.

So, they begin to blame their secondary school teacher for not haven taught them the right things and others go to the extent of labeling their secondary school teacher a dullard.
If you fall into this category of students, permit me to tell you that your secondary school teacher tried his/her best for you; You are the one that has refused to develop yourself. Like someone rightly said, “The university is not for kids neither is it for lazy students who do not accept responsibility”.

A university is a conglomeration of local champions. Most of the students you are seeing in your university are bests from their respective secondary schools considering the rigorous screening processes they have had to scale through before they got admitted. So , instead of shifting blames all around, just be courageous and put the whole blames on yourself for coming to the university unprepared.

However, this article is not aimed at blaming you but to enlighten and give you tips that can help you  improve your CPGA. I only needed to challenge you a little so that you will not be like my friend who used a whole session to fight his village people (A belief in spiritual enemies against him) when he could have accepted the responsibilities before him and find worthwhile solution to his academic problems. At the end of the day, he found himself languishing in third class.

The bitter truth about improving CPGA is that your it will not change if you don’t change your habit. Brian Tracy once said, “Successful people are people with successful habit”.  I put it to you this way;  To improve you CPGA, you will first need to improve yourself!

The great Albert Eisten said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

The reason your CPGA is low is not because you are not intelligent but because you are doing certain things which are obstructing you from achieving your goal. Some of these things may include masturbation, excessive sleeping, procrastination, smoking, poor time management, to mention a few. You will need to quit your terrible habits if you want to improve your CPGA and never you join the gang of those calling education a scam.
If you can stop all these bad habits then, you are free to read my tips on how to improve your CPGA within a semester as stated below.


    1. First things first, put God first: The position of God should be first in your everything. including your academics. Contrary to what you may have heard, God does not take delight in human failures, especially yours. He is an excellent God and because we are created in His image,  He will not condone failures resulting from our bad and terrible attitudes or reckless lifestyles. Don’t mind people that told you they graduated with third class because they spent most of their time going to fellowship serving God in their university days. They are just shifting blame from themselves. I know many Pastors who graduated with First and Second Class Upper. So never you think, people who serve God with their time are bound to fail in their academics. Putting God first means your education should not disturb you from worshiping , praying and reading the scriptures and most importantly, you should learn to “Do his will” as Jesus taught us. At the beginning of each semester seek God’s face and tell him what you want and He will do it for you because His words says, “Ask and it shall be given unto you”. Have you asked?


    1. Aim to be First: A wise man once said, “Your definition of school will determine what you take from school”. For instance, if your definition of school is where to learn how to become social , it is not an understatement that you become a social person more than you could even think of. School is generally believed to be place of leaning but I must tell you this; Our educational system is not designed for learning only. If it were for only learning, then there should not be any form of grade system by way of  exams and tests. Scholars have told us examination is not a true test of knowledge. Yet examination is used in admitting students to the university as well as by many employers in choosing applicants they will employ. It is funny how we claim it is not true test of knowledge. What then is the true test of knowledge?  The fact that you memorized the whole dictionary into your head does not mean you are entitled to first class students opportunities if you don’t graduate with First Class. Many big industries today have pegged the minimum qualification for their job position at Second Class Upper. These employers know that there are tendencies that a Third Class student might be more effective than a Second Class student but they still go ahead and peg their minimum qualification at 2.1 (2nd Class Upper).
      This is to tell you that school is not only about learning, competition is also part of the school system. Competition is an integral part and characteristic of living things, it is involves the ability of a human being to be able to compete for food and other necessities in order to survive . That guy that virtually everybody in your department knows to be best can be challenged, yes, He is not better than you. Stephen Covey in his book, “Seven habits of highly effective people”, say effective people always aim for first, not second but first. Like a wise man said, “Aim for the Moon even if you miss it you will surely be heading to the skies”. Which means if you aim for first and per-adventure you don’t get it, you will surely get something that will make you proud and glad for your efforts. So as from today start seeing yourself as  a “Best”.


    1. Know  the ‘A’ student study secrets: Believe me, the difference between an ‘A’ student and other students is how they study. They may read the same textbook, same materials , spend same hours in reading, and so on but whenever the examination results are pasted, the difference is always clear! Many struggling students read for nothing less than 6 hours daily while an ‘A’ student may  spend less than 2 hours in studying yet they come out tops at the end of the day. To cut this short, an ‘A’ student will most likely have a personal study pattern which you need to know, learn and practice. I can’t write everything here but I will recommend a book to you on that, which is, “HOW TO BECOME A STRAIGHT ‘A’ STUDENT”. Do well to get this book. You can reach me for the pdf copy of this book and also that of Stephen Covey by sending me a request through my email address at [email protected]


  1. Don’t try good tips but practice them: There is a difference between try and practice, you can try something for 2 weeks and throw it away saying you don’t think this will work because Chinedu never did all these yet he is doing fine academically. Well, that’s your thought. Practice is doing things consistently until you start seeing results.

The tips given in this article and in the recommended book,  “How to become a straight ‘A’ student” will help to improve your CPGA, if only you can make use of them. Stop complaining about your strict lecturers and your secondary school teachers ,it is time to accept responsibility and change your bad habits.

Responsibility simply Means, “Responding to an ability”.  It goes without saying that there is an ability in you that you need to respond to, failure to respond to it will make you an irresponsible person. You can always do better, yes. Be the best you can be!

Do you have a different opinion on how best to improve your grades? Send in your comments below.

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