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How to Improve Your CPGA in University

Happy Graduates
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HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CGPA IN UNIVERSITY Many students today are battling with low CPGA in school and do not know what they can do to improve it. Having a low CPGA is not tantamount to having a dull brain but rather could indicate your inability to use your brain the right way. The human … Open full story

The Fallacies About Education As Key To Success

Informal Education
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Education is the key to success as we are told, but people ask: “If education is the key, why am I jobless?” “If education is the key, why is life experience practically different from what we were taught?” “If education is the key why are the unschooled more successful than the educated?” These and many … Open full story

Punctuation Rules

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WHAT ARE PUNCTUATION MARKS? Punctuation marks are devices used for structuring and organizing contents in writing. They are used to create sense and clarity and sometimes mood, in sentences. Punctuations are like flavors required to make sense of a sentence like recipe is to cooking.. Some common examples of why punctuations are important in English … Open full story

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