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About Us

NaijaInfoGuide.com | NiGNaijaInfoGuide.com (Fondly called, NiG) is a public guest blogging website for creative users.


Started by a team of Nigerian webmasters late 2018, NaijaInfoGuide  is poised to support her users  and members at helping them create, share and collaborate on digital content development.

Still in its BETA (Testing) phase, the website promises pleasant surprises to her users, fans and followers.

For anyone who has always wanted to post articles about their job or lifestyle online, but lacked the needed resources, now, they can post all the way for free.

What is more? They get paid for posting and submitting their articles. The more they post, the more income they get.

NaijaInfoGuide’s NiGMy Writers Program makes this possible. For software programmers and app developers or anyone with creative knowledge who could produce downloadable digital product, NiGMart Online Marketplace helps them host, share and sell those packages for profit or for free. As a member, the choice of distributing your products for free or for sale is all yours.

Create and upload your packages in less than 5 minutes. Choose your pricing and distribution methods on the fly.

Once you are done, get published.

Join any of our array of programs targeted at helping you live your dreams now. Interested? Read more about our programs and memberships here.

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